A Reasonable Viewpoint of Radiation Sickness in Tokyo

When a phenomenon such as nuclear fallout comes into question, there will be two extreme sides. The fear-mongers and the skeptics. The fear mongers will say everyone who reasonably can should evacuate out of Tokyo while the skeptics will say that Tokyo is completely safe and everywhere is safe outside the 30km restricted zone.
Allow me to lend my logic and experience to the matter.
I became sick from radiation while living in Tokyo for 2 months. My ongoing symptoms were somewhat subtle – it took me many months after the fact to realize what had actually happened. That is only because I had pristine health right before Japan, the internet to absorb a lot of knowledge within a reasonable amount of time, and health practitioners who not only spent decades studying health but also have the mind set to be open minded to such an occurrence.
My girlfriend became sick from radiation. She would not have realized unless I was able to help her understand.
A friend of a friend became sick from radiation while going to Tokyo on business for a month and her doctor told her she cannot have children for 10 years. That is from word of mouth so I can factually go into detail about her situation.
Yet, many of my other friends in Tokyo report no such symptoms of radiation sickness.
To say EVERYONE is going to get sick from radiation in Tokyo or NO ONE is both wrong. More logically, many people in Tokyo will get sick to varying degrees. It’s hard for it not to be many when tens of millions of people live in such a condensed area. However, chances at this point are the ongoing symptoms will be subtle like mine and they will chalk it up to another reason.
At the same time, NOT EVERYONE will get sick because they will have taken necessary precautions, live in an area of Tokyo that isn’t hot, etc. Perhaps they will ingest some radiation, but the amounts are small enough that symptoms don’t occur and the bodies defense system can naturally handle the insult.
Please use knowledge and logic to make informed decisions about your health. Only YOU can be responsible for your own health in matters like these. Not the government, not your doctor. That is all.

How it All Began, The Day I Was Poisoned

It was a beautiful August day in 2012 where I had been living in Santa Monica, CA for 1 year. “I’ve never been healthier!” My body and my mood never felt consistently better! I even noticed that my hair was so easy to manage and my skin was tan and flawless.
It felt great, and I knew it would be helpful for me on my upcoming 2 month trip to Tokyo, Japan. I would do some partying and eat some unhealthy foods. But it’d be OK, because I was in such good shape.
The first month went great. I met some friends who i’ve met in other parts of the world. I made new friends. I even met a girl and we ended up spending a lot of time together.
I started taking Japanese lessons early on and my teacher and friends remarked at how quickly I was progressing. I was determined to get good at this difficult language of Japanese so I could more comfortably visit back there in the future.
I would go out often, and often spend a lot of money on restaurants. Tokyo was expensive, but I didn’t care. This is my vacation time and I wanted to enjoy this wonderful city. Tokyo was great. Everyone was so polite  and accommodating to me which I enjoyed. The sushi, the teppanyaki, the hot pot was all very tasty. The subway system was super efficient and easy to manage. What a great city! I still felt very healthy and energetic.
Then it went downhill.
On October 4th, 2012, about 2 hours into my sleep in my high rise rental in Roppongi, I woke up with the worst headache i’ve ever had in my life. I felt a deep aching to the bones of my body. “What the hell is going on?” I never get headaches and I have never felt this sort of bone pain before.
I remember having these terrible feelings of grief and agony. I wanted it to stop! I even remember telling myself that i’d rather be dead then feel this pain! The terrible pain remained for 1 hour, until I could finally find it in me to fall back asleep.
The next day, I did not feel well at all. I had no energy and my mood was terrible. I stayed in and my girlfriend took care of me.
I no longer felt headaches or sharp pains, which was a relief. I shrugged the incident off. However, my lack of energy and poor mood remained and I mentally made note of this. How come I went from feeling so healthy and energetic to consistently tired and irritable? I didn’t know and I shrugged it off.
I could not concentrate any longer. My Japanese teacher noticed in the next lessons that I could not focus. My mood was not good either, even though I did my best to manage it. My heart so wanted to continue to improve but my brain just could not concentrate! I ended up stopping the Japanese lessons entirely and spent more time with my girlfriend. Again, I shrugged the whole situation off and continued another month in Tokyo.
After October 4th, I had no energy to go out. I would wait until night time and go to a restaurant for dinner with my girlfriend, then come right back home. Such a drastic change since before October 4th, but why?

When I Realized My Girlfriend Became Victim of Radiation Too

While I was living in Tokyo for 2 months, I spent almost everyday with the girl I met out there. We ate many of the same foods, drank the same water and went to the same places. Once I realized I had became sick from radiation, my first reaction was to contact her to see if she was alright.
She thought I was crazy to think I had suffered from radiation. She talked to some of her friends and they all thought I was crazy to think radiation effected me in Tokyo.
Then she told me the symptoms she was having herself:
- shaking hands
- dizziness
- lethargy / fatigue
- other unexplained illness
- headaches everyday, all day
- lack of appetite
She went to the doctor and the doctor told her she had dysautonomonia. I looked up the symptoms of this ailment of the nervous system: Excessive fatigue, lightheadedness, dizziness or vertigo (fainting), feelings of anxiety or panic, rapid heart rate.
Is it not odd that I have felt all those symptoms since coming from Japan? That I fainted for the very first time in my life and felt fatigued everyday? Did I also somehow contract dysautonomonia? No, because that is not contagious.
Lets be logical.
Perhaps we both became victims of radiation since radiation effects the nervous system. Since radiation effects the endocrine system. Since radiation causes all those symptoms we both shared. Since people all over YouTube are showing us that there is indeed dangerous levels of radiation in Tokyo.
Luckily I convinced her.
This is very, very serious. Not just for me and my girlfriend. Probably hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS of people have been affected by the radiation in varying degrees.
This is epidemic. Don’t believe the government. Don’t believe the media. Don’t believe the people not living in Japan who don’t understand the magnitude of the situation. Look at the cold hard facts, look at the anecdotes. Hell, look at the past in Chernobyl. The Japanese people are getting seriously messed up by radiation atleast as far as TOKYO, and the saddest part is that most don’t even realize.

The Radiation Symptoms I Incurred in Tokyo

The next step for me was of self discovery. I remember just how healthy I felt prior to Japan. Now what other symptoms have I had since Tokyo that I never had before?
Initial symptoms on Oct 4th
-extreme headache
-pain in bones
Ongoing symptoms afterwards:
-fatigue / lethargy
-poor mood
-lack of concentration
-brittle nails
-hair loss
-pimple like expulsions over my chest
-not able to handle stress as easily
-fainted for the 1st time in my life
-bleeding gums
If you will take a look at any website detailing the symptoms of radiation poisoning, you will find something very similar to the above. Now I was completely confident that I was indeed poisoned by radiation.
Please remember, I lived in TOKYO for 2 MONTHS. I took one trip to Hakone, but besides that, remained in Tokyo. I did not go any closer to Fukushima!
Now can you imagine how bad people have it that are consistently living all throughout Japan? The real victims are the children. The real victims are the people living there with no realistic way out.
And the worst part of it all, they cannot take action because they simply do not realize how dangerous it really is…

The Day My Hair Fell Out

The last couple of weeks in Tokyo were a drag. Here I was in this great city, with a girl I adored, yet my subconscious was telling me it’s time to leave. It’s time to go back to Santa Monica, by the beach and just chill.
I arrived back the United States with a very irritable mood. I remember not treating a friend so well because of my mood. I figured I was just jet lagged from the travel. Usually when I travel I am sad to leave, but it was the opposite in this case. I was just happy enough to be back home.
It was the middle of September 2012 and I got settled into my old living arrangement. About one week later, I’m driving in my car and I run my hand through my hair. I notice a substantial amount of hair coming out. I run my hand through my hair again and again a bunch of hair comes out.
I had no idea what to think. “That’s weird. I must be shedding my hair to grow in a bunch of new hair,” I thought. I never had any hair loss like this. I’m still at a young age of 26.
My next appointment with my barber went awry.
“Your hair has gotten thinner.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s thinner and more flimsy. Don’t worry, everyone starts thinning around your age.”
I knew he was lying. I knew that not everyone starts thinning at my age. I knew he just didn’t want me to stress out and cause more hair loss.
Oh, I stressed. I stressed like never before. Yet, knowing my care free self, I never would stress out so much at the idea of losing some hair. I completely overreacted and I didn’t know why.
That is when I took action. I did all the reading on the internet I could. What other symptoms do I have? Brittle nails. OK. Hair loss, reasons for hair loss. Genetics. No, it’s not genetics. Thyroid problems cause hair loss and brittle nails. OK, but for what reason would my thyroid become so unhealthy so quickly? Maybe there is a link between my fatigue and my hair loss / brittle nails.
Many hours of research and a couple of consultations with health professionals gave me my best evidence supported answer. Radiation poisoning.
That’s when I realized that not only did I have brittle nails and hair loss, but many of the other symptoms that are linked to radiation poisoning. And It all started during or after my 2 month stay in Tokyo.